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The Clerk of the Superior Court is charged with the responsibility to attend all court sessions and to file and maintain accurate records of the proceedings. The Clerk must sign and issue every summons of the court and provide access to its dockets and filed instruments both in civil and criminal cases.

It is the responsibility of the Clerk of the Superior Court to record all of the county's deeds, mortgages, liens, bills of sale which evidence the title to real and personal property. The office of the Clerk is also charged with the recording of business and trade names.

It is also the Clerk's responsibility to appoint Notaries Public who reside in the county.

To Request Copies by Mail:
The Clerk's office requires a written request with advanced payment to receive copies through the mail. The following is the cost for the most often requested court documents. Payments for copies need to be BY cashiers check or money orders (NO PERSONAL CHECKS).

Effective Jan 1, 2009

Final Divorce Decree with an Agreement
$9.00 for regular copies
$24.00 for certified copies

Final Divorce Decree without an Agreement and other final Consent Orders (Custody, condemnation...)
$3.00 for regular copies
$10.00 for certified copies

Criminal Sentence
$8.00 Disposition certified copies
$3.00 Disposition regular copies

Criminal Disposition Package
$5.00 for regular copies
$14.00 for cerified copies (final disposition, plea statement, plea questionnaire, indictment, revocation order or consent order)

Regular copies of all other documents - Effective Jan 1, 2009
$.50 per page plus 2.00 per document for certified copies

The page count for Real Estate documents is listed in the data on this web site.

All copies may be obtained through the mail or in person at the Clerk's office.

Mailing Address:
Clerk of Superior Court
Court Division
P.O. Box 3370
Marietta, GA 30061

Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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