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Cobb County Georgia, USA
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The Real Estate filing counter is located on the 2nd floor of the 10 East Park Square Building located on the Square in downtown Marietta, Georgia.

The Clerk maintains the Official Deed Records for all of Cobb County Georgia. A document that affects the title to real estate must be filed with the Clerk's Office in order to become public notice. The Clerk's Office does not provide forms for preparing these documents.

Every document presented for filing must have a blank 3 inch margin at the top of the document's first page, so that the filing information may be imprinted. Each subsequent page needs to have a 2 inch top margin so that the book and page number may be imprinted. In addition, the name and mailing address of the person or firm who is filing the document must appear on the first page of an instrument.

The most common document types filed with the Clerk are:

-Warranty Deeds
-Security Deeds
-Assignment of Security Deeds
-Quit Claim Deeds
-Satisfaction of Security Deeds
-Mechanics and Materialmen Liens
-Bonds to Discharge Mechanics and Materialmen Lien
-Property Tax Liens
-State Tax Liens
-Federal Tax Liens
-Lis Pendens Notice
-Trade Name Registration    
-UCC (Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statements)

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